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Our policies, so everyone can enjoy Scenic View!

  • GOLF CARTS: Children must be 11 or older to operate, unless a holiday weekend at which time the age is 13. All passengers and operators must be seated and stay on the roadway. Keep hands, feet and head inside. No children may operate after dark. Lights are required after dusk. Passengers are limited to the number of Operator or parent is responsible for any damage.
  • VISITORS: Visitors must check in at the office and leave the campground by 11 pm.
  • SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit in the campground is 5 MPH and is strictly enforced
  • PER PERSON FEE: All occupancy is based on two adults and additional fees result for each additional adult. 
  • FIREWOOD: The Iowa Department of Natural Resources prohibits the move of firewood outside of or inside the county. Firewood can be purchased, however, no outside firewood should be brought in from out of the county. 
  • CHECK OUT TIME: Scenic View Campground does not specifically have a check out time. If you have specific questions please feel free to ask.
  • TRASH: If you bring it, please take it with you. When that isn't possible we offer trash service near the office on side one. This is normally in the back of a dump truck, however, feel free to ask the office if you don't see it. This is for household trash only and not large or bulky items, no exception. 
  • CELL SERVICE: Cellular service is limited at best by all carriers. In the case of an emergency a phone is available at the office on side one. You may also provide the office phone number [(563) 535-7347] to any emergency contacts. 
  • CLEAN UP: As you leave, your campsite should look better than when you arrived. Please be sure to take everything and clean up after yourself. 

Scenic View Campground hopes to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you need assistance at anytime during your stay, please see a staff member. 

Compliments or concerns are welcome. 

  • QUIET TIME: For the enjoyment of all our campers, quiet time is from 11 p.m to 8 a.m. each day. 
  • CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations are generally permitted and should be done in advance as early as possible. This policy is not applicable to all designated Holiday Weekends. 
  • HOLIDAY WEEKEND CANCELLATIONS: Holiday weekends may not be canceled within 21 days. The reserved party remains responsible for payment for cancellations not prior to 21 days. 
  • PETS: Cats, dogs and other pets are generally permitted in camping areas. Pets must be current on vaccinations. The pet owner is responsible for ensuring the pet is under control and remains in the designated camping area at all times. Pet owners must be cleaned up after and properly disposed of. Pets must be on leash. Any issues may result in the pet being barred from the campground. Pets are permitted in rental cabins but must be kenneled.
  • ATV'S: MOTORCYCLES: The owner of these vehicles must obey all traffic laws and follow all rules. Operators must stay on roads only, obey 5 MPH speed limit and honor the quiet time starting at 11 p.m.  Proof of insurance is required. 
  • FIRE RINGS: Do not move fire rings without permission. Keep fire rings clear of anything other than wood and starter paper. The burning of garbage, cans, metals and plastics are forbidden.  
  • MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Laps, racing, consistent and/or continual or excessive use is forbidden. Anyone who is using a motorized vehicle for this purpose is subject to disciplinary action. 
  • PARKING: You may park in your designated campsite or in the center grass areas of both side one and side two. At no time should you park in a campsite not being occupied/paid/reserved by you. 
  • WIFI: Wireless internet is provided, however, streaming is not allowed at any time. Wireless internet should be used for general internet access. SVC monitors usage and anyone using excessive amounts will be banned. Rural internet doesn't support fast speeds and streaming and excessive usage deters from others. 
  • DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: Any caught damaging property will be banned without exception. SVC uses cameras to ensure safety and compliance and has zero tolerance to this behavior.